Matthias Miller is the founder of CodeHaus. He's a pioneer who repeatedly finds himself at the forefront of disruptive opportunities. These have included:

  • Technology, as a lead developer to transition a large-scale desktop software (used by Fortune 500 businesses) to a cloud-based solution.
  • Nonprofit leadership, as an executive assistant for a 7-figure nonprofit transitioning from founder to non-founder leadership.
  • Rural technological development, as an economic development board member and founding member of the innovative TechSTART coworking facility.
  • Entrepreneurship, as the founder of a custom software development company.

When working with clients, he draws on his experience in business and leadership, his strong technology skills and critical thinking, and his love for people and seeing them thrive. He has a unique ability to look beyond the surface of challenging situations and perceive the opportunity within organizations, systems, and people.