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CodeHaus Testimonials

Just a few of the amazing breakthroughs we've gotten our clients:

He has been a core contributor

"As the head of development on a large software project, I've worked with Matthias for over 10 years. He has been a core contributor to many of our mission-critical, complex projects. Matthias has an unusual ability to tackle difficult problems and create solid, well-designed solutions."
-Dan Daniels, President, Software Builders, Inc.

He cares about you and your business

“Matthias is a rare breed of man who exudes integrity in business and backs it up in action. I was always impressed with how authentic and caring of a person he was in every situation. He is no different in business. He cares about you and your business. You would be hard pressed to work with someone as high of a character as Matthias.”
-Scott Buendia, ChatGive
"If it wouldn't be for this [the software], I wouldn't be thinking about how to change the workflow in the shop. My mind was full before, but now I can think about other things."
-Stephen Good, Good’s Ag Repair
“[The software is] so simple you can hardly screw it up."
-John Lapp, Plain Network Publishing
"This afternoon, as I balance the scholarship software with Quick Books I am grateful! This year end process is the real test of the program. What use to take me a solid day of deep concentration I did today in an hour with multiple disruptions."
-Vivian Mast, Faith Builders Educational Programs

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