Proactive Leader Finds Way to Increase Hourly Value by 52%


Before we completed the Time X-Ray with this leader, he had already been:

  1. Reviewing his stress levels after every meeting
  2. Reviewing his responsibilities every week for things to delegate


Because of this, he was already in a quite healthy place. However, we still found a few opportunities in the Time X-Ray, such as:

  • Handing off the #1 most frustrating part of his job description
  • Revamping a monthly 2-hour meeting that wasn't providing what he needed
  • Offloading a time-consuming part of his current responsibilities


  • "This brings a lot of clarity. I'll be spending more time on this today."


  • Hourly Value: +52%
  • Time Commitment: -9%
  • Stress: -10%

* All numbers are calculated based on client-reported approximations.