By Matthias Miller

As an salesperson, bending time to grow your sales takes 3 simple steps:

  1. MEASURE - Calculate the actual value of your activities by identifying your $10/hour vs. $1,000/hour work.
  2. PRIORITIZE - Rank your current and ideal work by the lowest stress, highest impact work.
  3. LET GO - Get rid of the highest stress, lowest value work to make room for the activities that will drive your next level.

Once you nail down your numbers and get the right plan, everything speeds up.

That's why we've created our Sales Productivity X-Ray. We guarantee that in 60 minutes or less, we'll uncover a clear path to TWO of the following results:

If we can't do that, we will refund your money and write you a check for $100.

It comes with some conditions:

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