The Executive Time Warp

By Matthias Miller

As an executive, bending time to make room for growth takes 3 simple steps:

  1. MEASURE the actual value of your time by identifying your $10/hour vs. $10,000/hour work.
  2. PRIORITIZE your current and ideal work by the lowest stress, highest impact work.
  3. LET GO of your highest stress, lowest value work to make room for the activities that will drive your next level of growth.

Our Time X-Ray tool walks you through your activities and shows you:

  • The highest value activities you should focus on
  • The lower value activities to let go of (and to whom)
  • The measurable $ and % impact to your stress, weekly schedule, and hourly output

By the end of our 60-minute onboarding call, you'll have an action plan to improve your stress, time spent, or hourly value by 34% or more.

You'll also get unrestricted access to the tool for 90 days as you implement these changes.

The cost is $1500.