Stranded on a Revenue Plateau?

Find & Fix the Root Issue Preventing You from Your Next Stage of Growth as a Company

If you are the founder or executive of a company that is grossing a minimum of $1mm, you might find yourself facing the following challenges:

  • Marketing not getting you enough (or good enough) leads
  • Sales not hitting the targets that you’re hoping for
  • Development teams missing their timelines and targets
  • Customer success not retaining key accounts and clients
  • Accounting not giving you access to the information you need

When in the middle of our own business, we face a universal problem: We’re often too close to our own problems to solve them.

That’s not because we’re not experienced and intelligent. It’s simply difficult to get the perspective you need.

Who We Are & How We Help

Hi, I’m Matthias Miller, founder and CEO of CodeHaus. I advise founders and executives on finding and fixing root issues behind $MM+ problems in their business.

My holistic approach draws on 30 years of experience working in almost every department in business:

  • As a software engineer, developing enterprise software used by Fortune 50 banks & insurance companies
  • As a marketing director & copywriter, taking a startup through multiple years of double-digit growth
  • As a fractional CRO, overseeing $1MM/yr sales & marketing budget
  • As an external consultant, streamlining operations for a $30MM software company
  • As a lead software designer, implementing a high stakes, custom accounting solution for a manufacturing client

This breadth of experience brings the perspective that I provide for my clients. In fact, all of my work comes down to three things:

1. I develop Productive, Profitable Friendships with founders & executives.
2. I help them fix their most expensive problems (or unlock their biggest opportunity).
3. I tell stories about how I do that in my private email newsletter. 

Where You Can Go?

If you find yourself too close to the situation to tell what is really going on, I want to invite you to join my email list.

The stories I share are designed to shift the way that you think. They’re designed to give you breakthroughs in your perspective, so that you can weed out root issues.

And, as a list subscriber, you’ll have access to me that you can’t get anywhere else.

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To your success,
Matthias Miller