Welcome! I’m looking forward to starting our Productive, Profitable Friendship!

As a thank you, I’d like to invite you to an introductory call. This is a “bite sized” version of my consulting, allowing us to get to know each other without any commitment. And if it makes sense, we’ll dive into my Profit Profiler for your business.

My Guarantee


  • You’re an open-minded, curious leader of a tech company with annual revenues of at least $1MM, you’re not doing anything illegal or questionable in your business, and you’re willing to complete our short pre-call questionnaire
  • And you show up to our Profit Profiler call, fully engaged for 60 minutes, and ready to answer any questions about your business
  • Then I guarantee we’ll be able to help you pinpoint your #1 opportunity that’s the highest impact, lowest effort, and worth 6-figures or more
  • If we can’t do that, I’ll write you a check for $1000 for your time.

If I can help you further, I’ll let you know what that would look like. If not, I’ll happily point you in a different direction.

Scheduling Your Call

Either way, I hope this is the start of very Productive & Profitable Friendship for both of us. Simply pick a time below to get started.

* Payments are issued within 90 days of the call.