shopping carts, mirrors, and child-like curiosity

This winter, our kids were playing down in the basement. In the midst of the hubbub, one of them grabbed a toy shopping cart and ran full speed into a big mirror.

Then backed up and did it again.

(Name omitted to protect the offender lol)

The parent in me knew this was a teaching moment…

The Kolbe consultant in me also knew… Our child instinctively tests the durability of tangible objects.

Part of growing up is learning to properly discern when it’s the right thing to use your instincts.

Same is true for you and I.

When we’ve got a superpower, it’s easy to use it to solve every problem.
If you’re good at sales, it’s easy to double down on sales.
If you’re good at marketing, it’s easy to double down on marketing.
If you’re good at production, it’s easy to double down on fulfillment.
If you’re good at finances, it’s easy to double down on analysis.

Same is true for your company.

Right now, your company has an instinctive behavior that it uses to solve problems. If you’ve got a persistent problem that hasn’t been solved, chances are you’re reverting to your instincts. You likely need a shift of energy and focus to fix it.

Stop slamming your shopping cart into mirrors. You’ll break things.
Stop focusing on marketing and capitalize on the pipeline you have.
Stop focusing on sales and start making customers happy.
Stop focusing on production and start building a new campaign.

The battle is not knowing how to use your strengths. It’s recognizing when you’re overextending them.

It’s why I rely on other people to give me an outside perspective on my business. It’s why I provide this for business owners as well.

Just curious… What’s your shopping cart? And what’s your mirror?

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