A $10,000/hr return on investment

A $10,000/hr return on investment

Invitation for a few people, absolute max of 5…

Over the past number of years, I’ve been working with the top 1% of businesses. I helped one client reach the enviable #1 market position with double-digit growth. They added six figures of revenue in a matter of months, putting a squeeze on the competition.

I’ve helped other clients gain massive efficiencies in their operations. I’ve advised business owners recovering from six-figure failed investments. I took a salesperson to 2X her company goal in her first year in sales.

I’ve gone deep in a lot of different parts of business:

  • Eight-figure accounting
  • Marketing attribution & analytics
  • Sales workflow & KPIs
  • Operational systems
  • The human side, such as turnover, engagement, job/role fit

I’m working on an offer to help seven-plus figure companies find profit drains & hidden revenue.

My personal goal is to find an absolute minimum of $20k to the bottom line (NOT revenue) within a two-hour consult. And if I find a dumpster fire, I’ll tell you.

You’ll walk away with a simple one-page plan outlining our findings.

I’m only doing a few of these to:

  • Gauge interest
  • See if I enjoy them enough to do more of them

I plan to charge $2k for this engagement (10x ROI). As I pilot these, I’m offering them for $500.

If you are (or know) a seven-figure business owner who’d benefit, please do both of us a favor and drop a comment or send a DM.

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