does your marketing fit?

Many business owners resent sales and marketing because they’re doing it in a way that doesn’t fit:



Yes, you may have sales aversion. It’s a real thing.

Yes, you may have an internal conflict with profit & making money. That’s also a real thing.

AND, it’s possible that you simply have an aversion to the way everyone is telling you that you SHOULD do marketing and sales.

When I was hanging out in the software engineer tribe, they would frequently complain very loudly about the sales and marketing folks. AND YET, even the most staunch engineers had a very specific way they liked to be marketed to and sold to. Most of them completely missed the techniques that were being used on them.

Often, the best sales and marketing is very intentional and nearly invisible. In fact, I see one principle underlying the best marketing & sales campaigns:

– Go find the people who need what you have.

– Market & sell to them the way they ALREADY buy and the way they WANT TO buy.

I’m a big fan of stacking the odds in your favor.

Win by the path of LEAST resistance.

(If you prefer uphill battles, that’s up to you. 😉)

Your hangup with sales and marketing might not be with sales and marketing….

It might just be with how you’ve seen it.

And it might just be with how you’ve seen it TODAY.

That’s my rant for today. 😉

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