MYTH: “Competition is good for the consumer.”

I remember as a young kid in rural Kansas, watching tank after tank of corn syrup go rumbling down the railroad tracks. Capitalism at its finest? Or competition at its worst?

Take a look at the food industry, and I think it’s clear that competition isn’t actually the best for the industry.

Where has the drive for more convenience, more enticing flavors, and lower costs actually gotten us as healthy humans?

Competition is good to reinforce one thing: the mindset of WAR. It’s US vs. the Enemy. Often coming from the people who have something to prove.

It’s far better for a business to completely sidestep the competition. And, I’d argue, that often it’s actually better for consumers when that happens.

BTW… Have you ever stopped at a bazaar in a foreign country, surrounded by 12 shops selling the same thing? What was the sales experience like? You can almost hear the whispers behind the scenes… “Mr./Ms. Rich is here. We’ve got to get them to buy before anyone else does. They’ve got the money.” You walk away, feeling like you’re swatting away flies that are feeding on a dead, smelly carcass. Not a great vibe.

We got the same thing in the US, only worse. It’s subtle. We don’t always find out about the harm until AFTER the sale. Sometimes, it’s YEARS later.

OBJECTION: What about the people who don’t deserve to be in business?

My take: Every person is unique. Every business is unique. Poorly run businesses have missed their fingerprint & design. OR, they haven’t matured enough to sustain it.

Stop trying to copy everyone else.

Find YOUR design.

Find YOUR business blueprint.

Then take it and RUN with it.

Innovators, leaders, and world changers know how to learn from the rest of the world… without sacrificing their own identity or handing it off to someone else. And you can only do this when you’re running the race against YOU. Find your lane.

Run with it.

Have a Day!

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