ideas person?

If you’re a visionary or ideas person,

and you’re wondering what to focus on…

two things will help you:

  1. Go through the process of shedding the things that are not “you.”
  2. Build a scorecard or process for evaluating your ideas.

Left Brain + Right Brain.

Re #1, many of us get distracted because we’re working on something that’s not aligned. Get aligned, and focus will be much easier.

For #2, a very simple approach is to step back, take a look at what you’re looking to build, and see if it fits. You can take it a step further with specific things to evaluate before executing on a new idea. My assistant and I have implemented this for ourselves.

PS: It’s perfectly acceptable and healthy to have space for crazy ideas. When these start intruding on the health of the business or on real, aligned progress… That’s when you know you’ve got a problem.

Your vision and ideas…

Do they center and focus you…

Or are they distracting you?

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