problems I solve

Someone challenged me to get more specific on problems I solve. Here’s an example from today:

The client is racing against the clock, trying to get financials out to stakeholders. They’ve got dozens of invoices that are categorized wrong. The accounting staff has their backs against the wall.

We could do it manually…

Push the deadline…

Or we could create a way to speedily enter these invoices, then do some magic to cross-check the invoices against accounting.

Oh, and we can do the crosscheck in a way that lets us quickly dial down into exactly where the discrepancies are.

Expensive? Maybe not, considering the time savings, guaranteed accuracy, and the fact that the client can hit a critical deadline.

Outcome? The client stays on track. The stakeholders make better decisions about their business with good financials.


I had to be pushed to share this, and here’s why. Most folks read this and say, “Oh, he’s the accounting guy.”

Believe it or not, this is the exact skill set and unique ability I use to spin up sales and marketing to get a company to scale on client acquisition.

I’ve stopped trying to explain how my brain works to most people…

You don’t have to trust me that it does…

But my clients do, and so far it’s serving them quite nicely. 😉

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