Uncommon trait of some of the best sales folks I know

Uncommon trait of some of the best sales folks I know…


  • tonality
  • product knowledge
  • objection handling
  • mirroring
  • wording
  • energy

(not to downplay those)


  • time management and efficiency

This won’t be a surprise: high performing salespeople spend a lot of time talking with qualified prospects.

It’s why I often address “little complaints” from salespeople… especially when it’s about saving time. Get rid of the incidentals so they can focus on the essence.

It’s also why some of the best performing salespeople I know will:

  • develop a series of questions to qualify prospects and narrow down what they are looking for
  • test effort/reward based on where prospects are at (sacrificing short-term goals if it makes sense, for long-term wins)
  • cut as much busywork as possible from the day-to-day

The thing I love about fundamentals and management is, they’re so easy and so unappealing.

Much better to chase shiny objects.

Sometimes you’ve got to enjoy winning through the path of least resistance.

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