Why people hate salespeople…

(hint: because they’re sick of manipulation).

Let’s break it down.

If sales is a transference of CONFIDENCE and TRUST…

Then you can supercharge this in 3 ways:

1 – brazen untruth (“It’s wrong, but I don’t care.”)

2 – inflated ego (“People are stupid or weak.”)

3 – spirit of excellence & genuine desire for others’ best (“I want you to succeed. What we offer is the best. I share power with you.”)

You can sucker a lot of people with #1 and #2. If all you care about is speed and a money grab, it 100% works. (Not recommended)

But you can’t create a healthy, sustainable culture with it. And you can’t win over your absolute BEST, highest profitability, clients with it. Healthy people can smell this from a mile away.

If you go with #3…

You’d better be sure to make sure you’ve got your operations and delivery dialed in. If you’ve got dialed-in systems to deliver a best-in-class product or service, I’m willing to put my bet on these kinds of salespeople…

They’ve got the ability to build genuine rapport. People can tell they won’t lie and they care. And they carry strong CONFIDENCE and TRUST.

They will bend over backwards for you because they know the exceptional experience your customers can expect.


The moment your operations/delivery start breaking down, they’ll hold back. That’s when they’ll start selling LESS than other salespeople.

More work? 100%!

But in the end, I found that building on excellence is far LESS work than building a business on any other foundation.

I’m sure there are some great stories on this 😉

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